Seasonal project space in Los Feliz, Los Angeles



Fall 2022: TBA, proposals closed
Winter 2022: TBA, accepting proposals


Quarters (a laundry accessing device, a way of dividing the year) is a seasonal project space that lives in the private quarters of a Los Feliz home (it’s laundry room).

How do we access the cyclical feelings of the seasons in the eternal sunshine of Southern California?

Quarters is a time keeping device, tracking expressions of the personal and universal as it moves through seasonal aspects of the human experience.


Summer 2022
tmto szn: or a story about the dangers of industrial thought
Friday, July 8 2022
Appointment only viewing July 9-10

David Lisbon was born in 1994 in Kansas City, Missouri. He is an independent curator, architect, and designer. He hopes to use all of these skills to help creatively tell the stories of artists who might otherwise be overlooked or pigeon-holed by contemporary institutions. For the summer show at Quarter’s Gallery, he muses: 

Often as I wonder through the constantly stuffed and re-stuffed key food on Myrtle avenue, I wonder if my being there makes me complicit. I stop and pause.

As I stand Comparing the Idaho and Red potatoes under the fluorescents, I wonder. Where did this produce come from? I leave the first fingerprint on a newly placed waxy red apple at the top of the pile, who was the last person to touch this plant before it became a product? Was this person paid? Were they paid a living wage? Where are they now?

The pause is brief, I digress and continue.

This work imagines itself as a middleman or intermediary that exists within this pause. This work is about tomatoes, but it’s also about self reflection.


Springtime 2022
Friday, May 6 2022
Appointment only viewing May 7-8

Belonging to all of us; Springtime is mystic, perennial, profound, fleeting, abundant, renewing, holy, sad and silly, inevitable, wet, pure, liturgically grueling, accommodating of hope, loss, and longing…

For the physical inception of Quarters Gallery; eleven artists inquire, propose, memorialize, imagine, remember, and divinate spring on earth, when the darkness has reached it’s end, and the same flowers come up again and again and again.

Spring 2022:
September Banks
Anna Botanica
Kathryn Camacho
Matt DeLong
Hayley-Paige Denham
Natalie Lerner
Paula McLean
Erin Morris
Rob Polidoro
Benjamin Pritchard
Noah Towne