Springtime 2022
Friday, May 6 2022
Appointment only viewing May 7-8

Belonging to all of us; Springtime is mystic, perennial, profound, fleeting, abundant, renewing, holy, sad and silly, inevitable, wet, pure, liturgically grueling, accommodating of hope, loss, and longing…

For the physical inception of Quarters Gallery; eleven artists inquire, propose, memorialize, imagine, remember, and divinate spring on earth, when the darkness has reached it’s end, and the same flowers come up again and again and again.

Spring 2022:
September Banks
Anna Botanica
Kathryn Camacho
Matt DeLong
Hayley-Paige Denham
Natalie Lerner
Paula McLean
Erin Morris
Rob Polidoro
Benjamin Pritchard
Noah Towne