Summer 2022
tmto zsn: or a story about the dangers of industrial thought
July 8th-10th, 2022
David Lisbon

Show Statement
By David Lisbon

Often as I wonder through the constantly stuffed and re-stuffed key food on Myrtle avenue, I wonder if my being there makes me complicit. I stop and pause.

As I stand Comparing the Idaho and Red potatoes under the fluorescents, I wonder. Where did this produce come from? I leave the first fingerprint on a newly placed waxy red apple at the top of the pile, who was the last person to touch this plant before it became a product? Was this person paid? Were they paid a living wage? Where are they now?

The pause is brief, I digress and continue. This work imagines itself as a middleman or intermediary that exists within this pause.

This work is about tomatoes, but it’s also about self reflection.