Winter 2023
Wintry Mix
Jan 27-19th, 2023

Madelyn Kellum
Jessica Palermo
Mike Francis

Photos by Paloma Dooley

Show Statement
By Nina Muccia, Edited by Reese Riley

I was born in a cloud

Now I am falling

Wintry Mix: a weather event naming the combined fall of slushy, solid, or icy bits. Air temperatures determine their atmospheric plummet - a snowflake? An ice pellet? Something more formless? Then there are surface conditions. What now - Slush? Something unpleasant?

Receiving an artwork is like an unpredictable weather system. Thought and feeling’s immateriality conspire to a physical form by the artist’s labor, as water particles are morphed by air. Prospective snowflakes hit the surface where conditions are unknown, a work meets the viewer’s eye and is exposed to infinite subjectivities.

Slush-like, flakey, or solid, all melts when met with a greater force - the sun. Particles are sucked back into the water cycle and continue to sustain life. As for artist’s intention versus viewer’s reception, I’m not sure if continuity matters if both parties are moved; a life sustaining force of its own.

I am ice and dust and light

I am sky and here

Kate Bush. “Snowflake.” 50 Words For Snow, 2011.